Vision Clinic Optical Lab

A division of Vision Clinic Optometrist & Contact Lens Centre, the optical lab runs a surfacing and finishing laboratory for the optical industry. The use of cutting-edge technology, advanced surfacing equipment and edging machinery allows lenses to be manufactured locally, saving the time and cost of having to import these from a neighbouring country. with a blend of skilful, talented, trained and experienced lab technicians, we are the only optometric practice in Lesotho with an on-site lab that offers outstanding customer service, quality products and convenience.


Our Lab Services

While our lab started as a service division exclusively providing services and products to the company owned clinics, we have now graduated into a full-service wholesale optical lens laboratory, provide a full suite of products and services to the optical industry in Lesotho and the neighbouring towns of South Africa.
Strategically located at the hub of the commercial principal of Lesotho, we are able to bring more convenience in terms of turnaround times and cost savings (shipping expenses). we offer the following products and services:

  • Optical Lenses:
    We are stockists of lenses from all major manufacturers. Our seasoned, solid relationships with lens distributors and manufacturers in South Africa, ( Carl Zeiss Vision, Hoya, Sola,etc ) do not only give us edge over our competition but have translated into a position where we virtually provide any type of lens to design prescribed. We work with nearly all lens materials including: Plastic CR-39, Polycarbonate, high index and trivex among others.
  • Lens Coatings/Treatments:
    Our greatest convenience is to provide a full suite of products and services within a single on-site location. Coatings provide an opportunity to add value and confort to patients eyewear. We offer Anti-Reflective Coatings, Transitions, generic photochromic, scratch-resistant coating (hardcoat), tints among others.
  • Edging, fitting and assembly services:
    For those clinics that stock finished lenses for normal prescriptions, we offer edging and fitting services at affordable prices.